This was definitely one of the easier assignments since setting up the blog. When the assignment was mentioned in class, I already knew that I would use pinterest as my site to explore because it is the inspiration for my blog.

Downloading the software was quick and easy. I did not watch the instructional tutorial since we went over a lot of it in class. I just hoped that I remembered enough. I wrote out a script so I would have an idea of what to say. It took me a couple of tries to get it right. The first few times I messed up because I lost my place in the script when I would look up to navigate the screen. When I figured out how to read and navigate better, someone came into my room yelling while I was recording. I waited until it was quiet to try again and managed to get through the video. I used the pause feature a few times to get re-situated so the video is a little choppy. However, I did not think it would get much better unless I redid it numerous times, which I did not have the patience to do.

The biggest issue I had was that the wifi in my house is not that great so it slowed the site down a lot. I also forgot where I saved the video when I finished, but that was a quick fix. I just went back into my history to grab the link. It seemed a bit inconvenient to have to upload the video from Jing to another site in order to grab the link to share, but it still was not difficult to figure out.

I do not think I will be doing much screencasting in the future, but if I have to do something like this again, I will have some experience with it.

UPDATE: the original link would not play the video. hopefully this one works. My flashplayer is out of date so I am unable to test the link.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.



One thought on “Screencasting

  1. Sophie says:

    Although my flash player isn’t updated either so I can’t watch your screencast, you give a good perspective on your blog. I agree the pause feature is useful for situations like that, but it does make the screencast kind of choppy. Jing will be good to use in the future, although their website is sometimes clunky.


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