Easter Table Decorations

This post is coming waaaaaaaaay ahead of season, but I was looking through old pictures trying to find things to make for Thanksgiving and stumbled upon these creations. They were both super easy to make with seasonal treats. I’ve also seen plastic eggs and other colorful objects used. I was thinking of using this same tree concept but with leaves or something for thanksgiving, or using the holiday ghost peeps for Halloween.

The original directions said to use glue to stick the peeps on the styrofoam cone, but I found that they did not stick very well and kept falling off. Instead, I used mini toothpicks. You could do any color pattern you want. If you rush through it (like I was doing because I was so frustrated at that point) it will not come out as neat. After you get all the peeps on the “tree”, you can glue it onto a plastic candle holder. With a little patience, you will have a beautiful tree.

The second creation is even easier. I took some green straw and placed it on the bottom of mason jars as “grass”. Then I put little chocolate bunnies in, and surrounded them with chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and other little candies. Put the lid on top, and finish it off with some festive ribbon. The straw gets a little messy so just be prepared for some sweeping or vacuuming post-crafting. I gave these to guests on their way out, but during the day they served as decorations throughout the house.

These simple creations look great on a coffee table or food counter. It is a fun, festive craft that can be done with kids as well. It can be made days ahead of time so you do not have to scramble for decorations last minute, and you’ll save money by not buying pre-made decorations!


6 thoughts on “Easter Table Decorations

  1. Sophie says:

    This is a super cute idea! I love the mason jars, because you don’t color them directly, which means you could use them in the future for another project. I also really like the peeps idea but I love peeps so I would rather eat them haha. I do think it’s nice for a dessert though, maybe even with melted chocolate at the end of easter dinner. I really like this post because it’s so simple that I could do it the day of and it also looks like I put a lot of work into it.


  2. alltingzcaribbean says:

    I love the mason jar idea for easter decorations. I used to do these a lot with my little cousins. I feel like Easter is the best time of the year because of all the candy, easter baskets and decorations that are around. I like how simple it is to make this idea and for it to come out so nice like that. Very nice!


  3. Jessica Yutko says:

    These are both super cute and easy ideas! These material would be easy for anyone to get. Also your steps were very clear and simple to follow. I think anyone would enjoy making these cute crafts! Great job!


  4. soralee728 says:

    I thought these DIYs were really creative and festive! As someone who doesn’t normally decorate because it tends to be a lot of work around the house, I feel like the mason jar idea is really cool because it would be easy to have around the house. The peeps is really cute and different, but for my clean-freak self I would probably only have that for a day or two! Overall, loved the ideas and the post, nice job!


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