The Following Games

Ok, so I am not one to nag followers to promote me so I can gain more followers, but I have to start a following some how. Obviously any promotion on any social media would be beneficial.

BUT, if you happen to have a pinterest account, that would be the best place. If you pin any of my posts to one of your boards, my blog will start circulating the site! Each time someone clicks on that pin, they will be directed here. As more and more people pin your original post, the more exposure my blog will get. Hopefully, if enough of my posts are being shared, people will start to notice that they are frequently being directed back here, and just start following my blog directly (although this is a long term goal because obviously there are thousands of sites linked to pins).

Facebook promotions are also beneficial (especially if you have a lot of friends). You could share direct links to your page, or if you try something and make a post about it on your page, you could just throw some credit my way. If your friends are like me, if they see someone post something they like, they will click on the link to see more.

More followers does not just benefit me, but benefits you too! They may spark some inspiration for a new post, or be able to give feedback on something I posted that will help you when you go to try it. New followers may even discover your blog through mine. It’s a win-win situation!


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