It’s a Meme’s World

Ok, personally I am not a big meme fan. They were never that funny to me and after seeing the same ones so many times, they became kind of annoying. If the image has nothing to do with the caption/joke, it just seems pointless. Their popularity also comes and goes with social trends, so they could flood the internet for months or for only a week.

But since I am in the holiday mood, I figured I’d choose a meme (at least I think this is considered a meme) from one of my favorite seasonal movies–Elf. I have seen this movie so many times I can quote every line. So obviously when I see a meme from it, I know exactly what was happening at that point in the film. With a meme like this one, it can be used in so many contexts outside of the movie. For example, when my professors said that I would have my grade by Wednesday night at the absolute latest and it is now Thursday afternoon and I still have not received my grade, this meme is relevant. In this instance, I like using memes to express my mood. It is relevant and (almost) humorous to me.

Clearly I am not a fan of memes, as you can tell by the lack of enthusiasm in this post. However, every now and then, I stumble upon  clever one that will make me laugh and I will give the creator credit for originality or creativity. But these obviously do not have much of a lasting impact on me because I can not even think of an example off the top of my head.


One thought on “It’s a Meme’s World

  1. Stephanie Madridejos says:

    Yesss, I love this meme. I actually use this meme in group chats with my friends because it is just hilarious. I can understand your point on not being a big meme found. I personally like memes but i’m not like crazy about them like other people. This meme is so relevant in my group chats with friends when we gossip so I really liked that you choose this one.


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