Insta-worthy Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how bad something looks as long as it tastes. Sometimes, it can taste terrible, but wow with its presentation. But why not have the best of both worlds?! Skip the traditional vanilla and chocolate, Find some festive/seasonal cake recipes, and decorate them equally as festive! Here’s a few sample ideas of how to decorate your cupcakes to make them stand out from the average bake-sale cupcakes! If you want to be really punny, you can use a pumpkin cake recipe for the pumpkin decorated cupcakes (pumpkin and nutella is always a good combo if you still want something with chocolate). Throw some nuts on top of the apple pie cupcakes for extra flavor (check for allergies first!!!!!) Go crazy and add your own personal touch to take it up a notch.

This video relates to my blog because it is a simple DIY video, and my blog is all about simple DIY hacks. Sometimes it is easier to have a video demonstration rather than a written one. It was discovered through the creative commons search engine. According to the Fair Use Checklist, I think it is okay for this to be featured here. I do not own the copyright to this, nor have I made any copies…(although if this is published, does every view on a separate device count as a copy?). I have made no changes to the actual video, just offered some suggestions for individual changes when trying it out in the beginning of this post. I have no bad intentions by using it, and I am also receiving no profit by linking this. This is also a one time use (again, is it still one time use if it can be accessed at any point?). It is also a factual video, that could be used to educate people on cupcake decorating (maybe?).


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