It’s “Powerpuff” not “powderpuff”

Not going to lie, this assignment was kind of fun. I loved the Powerpuff girls when I was younger, so it was fun to revisit it for a few minutes and create my own character. My younger self would have done this over and over to see what combinations I could come up with. I created my character based off of me because it seemed like the easiest thing to do. The most personal touch was the coffee, because I cannot go a day without it. The quiz was fun to take because you could pick things you would never actually do in real life but would want your cartoon to be able to do. I got “fearlessness” as my superpower. This does not describe the real me, but it almost seems like an alter-ego that my cartoon can portray.

This assignment reminded me of the website “stardoll” that I used to go on around the same age that I was watching powerpuff girls. You would be able to dress up and customize your character (or doll) that resembled a barbie doll, as well as name them and write a description of them. They could be modeled after anyone you wanted, yourself/celebrities/tv characters. However, I do not think that would be considered fan art because it was not modifying an already existing character.animated-powfactor


One thought on “It’s “Powerpuff” not “powderpuff”

  1. Sophie says:

    Your powerpuff is so cute! I love the title of this post by the way, because I used to call it the wrong thing all the time, and sometimes even catch myself calling it the wrong name now too. But I really like that you added a personal touch to yours with the coffee. I’m curious as to how you made you background move though, I really think that adds personality to it.


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