Just another DIY copy

DIY blogs are becoming more and more common (especially with middle-aged stay at home moms with young children). Why spend money on expensive branded products when you can make something just as good, if not better, with cheaper household items? They also eliminate the need for cookbooks because the same recipes can be posted online and accessed for free. These also give the opportunity to provide feedback and modifications to posts that you would not get from a book.

My blog is just one of thousands of DIY blogs. Many of the things I post are similar (or the same) as the things posted on more popular blogs. I provide the same instructions, just with pictures from my finished products instead of the more ‘photogenic’ images that circulate the internet with other people’s post on that creation. I would like to think that, for the most part, I have made original modifications to the original DIY creation that makes my posts stand out over the others.

I also think that because I am on the younger end of the DIY blogging world, I utilize more interactive features than most others. Or at least make better use of the common ones. For example, linking my posts with multiple social media platforms helps expand my audience. I think this makes my blog more accessible than many others.


3 thoughts on “Just another DIY copy

  1. Michaela Felix says:

    It’s interesting that you said you feel like you’re able to be more interactive as a newer blogger versus the more established ones! Definitely a true point because as a beginner, we would be more focused on getting our site out there versus established sites who are already well known.


  2. Jessica Yutko says:

    I think DIY blogs are so helpful!! They make them so easy to follow, which is just like yours! I think everyone should consider doing things DIY to save money! Especially us as college students!


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