Pitchforks and Scarecrow posts

Ok, so Thanksgiving is obviously over but here is something I created for this years dinner. I had seen crafts on pinterest where they stuck candy in candle holders as a table decoration. Some put a candle on top of that, others left it as it. I thought that would make a cute addition to our simple table.

I assembled the table first, and realized that I did not need to add anything else to it. However, I knew I could place my craft as a kitchen decoration. Instead of using candle holders, I used mason jars. I layered candy corn and dry kidney beans as the base. There was still plenty of empty room in the jar so I needed something to fill that space. I found some silverware holders shaped like leaves that could no longer serve there function since the backs were ripping off. I put one in each of the three jars. Then I found little scarecrows that were also broken silverware holders and put those in-front of the leaves so they were visible. I tied a piece of twine around the rim of each and was about to call it a day…

Then, I was planning out what bowl/platter would be used for everything we were serving and where that would all be placed. I pulled out the silverware to leave out like we normally do, and I thought it would be funny to see how they looked in the jars. Turns out, they fit perfectly and actually looked cute! The knives looked like turkey feathers, and the forks looked like pilgrim pitchforks (adding to the festive feel). I decided to leave them in mainly for the aesthetic, but it also saved some table space.

It sounds so simple and cheesy, but honestly, I couldn’t stop looking at the picture I took of them because I thought it was just so cute! If you’re ever looking for a cute, simple, quick, cheap craft to liven up your set up, I highly recommend these.




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